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Eurostar 2000: the best (cloud) or nothing

Mercedes-Benz Eurostar 2000 in the cloud

Eurostar 2000: the best (cloud) or nothing

The Mercedes-Benz Eurostar 2000 dealership in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, which is also an AMG performance center, counts about 40 passionate employees – thirty of them use the cloud every day. “The secure and efficient, limitless cloud environment that K-Force proposed was an absolute must for us,” said Tom Chabert, Customer Care Manager at Eurostar 2000. And that’s how it went.

From physical server to cloud

Too little memory, the risk of hacking, difficult communication between the different sites, … When the employees of Eurostar 2000 were looking for a better alternative for their physical server, the cloud solution offered by K-Force quickly attracted their attention.

Efficiency first

“The main thing that convinced us to opt for the cloud was the efficiency,” says Tom Chabert. “Because we work from two locations, communication between both locations must always run smoothly. This is perfectly possible thanks to the cloud solution: all employees are always in contact with each other – from one platform. Working remotely is no longer a problem, which I do myself on a weekly basis.”

Safe & fast operation

“Another, and at least as important advantage is safety”, Tom continues. “We have minimized the risk of hacking for both our own and our customer’s data. And finally, the onboarding is also very simple: new employees are easily added to the work environment from day one and can therefore start immediately.”

Success thanks to preparation & cooperation

“Still, we were a bit suspicious of the transition at first,” admits Tom. “Wouldn’t it temporarily paralyze our operation? Fortunately, the opposite was true: thanks to our close cooperation with K-Force and the thorough preparation on their part, the transition went very smoothly. Therefore, I can only say that we are very satisfied.” “, I can summarize it very briefly: thanks to the cloud solution, we work more efficiently, faster, and more securely. So, we do not have to worry anymore. Or to put it in the slogan of our Mercedes-Benz brand: it’s the best or nothing, and then we prefer to choose the best.”

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