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K-Force was recognized by Proximus as IT Partner of the Year 2021! With this award, Proximus reaffirms its confidence in our company as a reliable and competent partner for SMEs. Read more

Phishing attempts are increasingly being made via SMS. A good example of this are the messages you receive on behalf of Itsme asking to reactivate your account. If your bank's app is linked to Itsme, you give the hacker access to your account. Itsme does not send text messages. So being alert is and remains the message! Read more

Hundreds of Businesses still vulnerable to Exchange on premise vulnerabilities

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Hundreds of Businesses still vulnerable to Exchange on premise vulnerabilities

Hundreds of Belgian companies are at risk because they have not sufficiently updated their Microsoft Exchange software. They are susceptible to hackers, who can shut down their business system and demand ransom. The Center of Cybersecurity (CCB) also confirms the new vulnerability and has started contacting those involved.

Vulnerabilities in on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers are actively being exploited, targeting thousands of organizations, especially SMEs, worldwide. To be clear: our customers with Microsoft 365 were – once again again – not impacted. There have been many such examples in the past year alone. We therefore continue to advise every company to move away from local (mail) servers as soon as possible.

⚠️ If you still have such an outdated on-premises Microsoft Exchange mail server, then there is a very good chance that you will need to implement security updates to keep your company information safe.
✔️ Need help? We can help, and even get rid of this problem permanently with the up-to-date alternative Microsoft 365. Contact our experts for all your questions , and we’ll check what we can do for you.