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We are taking a new and important step in the constant improvement of our services. In December we announced the reinforcement of our customer support team. Today, a few months later, it is our technical team’s turn. Steven joins us as technical team leader. Read more

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K-Force strengthens customer support team

K-Force strenghtens customer support team
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K-Force strengthens customer support team

And that is necessary. On an average day we receive about between 100 and 150 phone calls. And then we haven’t even mentioned the number of tickets. That’s about 150 new tickets a day. As you can see, our new colleague Kimberly already has her hands full, because she is joining our team as Commercial Support Officer. And that on her birthday! Through this short interview you can get to know her.

What job(s) did you do before?

Before I started working at K-Force, I was a customer receptionist, commercial assistant, executive secretary and I was also active in HR. This was always in very different sectors, with many more employees, but the content of the job was often an extension of what I am doing today.

How did you end up at K-Force?

I was looking for a new job in a company where I could make a difference. At my previous jobs, there were always at least 100 colleagues, so that was often a bit more difficult, because you are ‘just’ one of the many employees.

The job description and the smaller team than I am used to really appealed to me. Moreover, I have already noticed that it is a close-knit team, which is of course also important.

What does your new job entail?

I am responsible for the reception, physically, by phone and digitally. I filter out almost all incoming questions via all these channels, document them and forward them to the right department if necessary. Iva, who has been doing this very well as part of her job for years, will therefore get some well-deserved reinforcement. We are going to make clear arrangements about who is going to cover for each other and when, so that at busy times we can create more capacity at the reception desk. In time, the intention is also to strengthen the services of provisioning and (inside) sales.

What is important to you in your job?

The most important thing is that I can feel at home in a team where the atmosphere is good. In short, belonging and building together. I also strive to work as error-free as possible, so mastering my job is also important.

What keeps you busy in life?

The most important thing is of course my son, Mattéo. He is only six months old, so of course he needs lots of care.

I also like to travel, especially to the United States. I am a big fan of the country! The wide range of amusement parks is certainly part of it. I have visited Universal Studios, Disney World and Disney Animal Kingdom, for example.

I like to watch films within different genres, but mainly horror, but also drama (The Notebook!) and the well-known ‘Marvel Universe’.


How do you usually celebrate your birthday? I guess not with your first day at work? 😊

Usually I don’t celebrate my birthday that much, this year was of course a special occasion. But normally we go out for a good meal. And that can certainly be at a good Chinese restaurant.


We wish Kimberly a warm welcome and good luck! In the coming period, she will be trained extensively by different colleagues so that she will learn a bit about everything. This will come in very handy in her job.